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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Vidyut provides integrated enterprise Data Warehousing (DW) & Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that can empower knowledge workers to access data from existing production databases and applications using advanced Data Warehousing (DW) and Decision Support Solutions (DSS) and services.

The following diagram explains our DW & BI solution portfolio :

Business Intelligence


  • End to End BI Solutions
  • End User Application Consulting
  • Data Integration Services
  • Database Architecture and Performance Tuning

Vidyut makes use of business-critical information to enhance bottom-line profitability.

Our DW solution allows clients to access, analyze and share data from disparate sources. We make sure that our BI solutions are aligned with the business vision of the enterprise. We do this through the BI consulting framework which provides a roadmap, wherein we assess strategies and finally architect solutions that minimize project time frames while addressing critical business needs.

Our DW & BI practice is equipped with business analysts and domain specialists supported by a well honed BI solution implementation methodology that is the hall mark of our delivery capability. The methodology is based on well defined processes that ensure predictability standards and consistency in solution delivery during client engagements.

End to End BI Solutions

Vidyut provides a variety of services devoted to end user applications. We help stakeholders select the best choice of off-the-shelf query-and-report software for client organizations. We conduct training programs for both end users and technical support staff. We do custom development as well to deliver special purpose applications or provide interface enhancements to existing query-and-report application.

End User Application Consulting

Vidyut delivers comprehensive consulting services for BI Systems, from requirements definition through development, rollout, and post-implementation support. We work with all relational database platforms, and utilize the commercial software packages that best suit the client's needs and budget. We also do custom development to provide additional features and capabilities.

Data Integration Services

Vidyut helps clients create a comprehensive information strategy for business intelligence. We compile an inventory of available data, and we compare this with enterprise objectives, concurrently identifying gaps and data quality issues. We then create a plan to meet the needs of the enterprise within an agreed time frame.

Database Architecture and Performance Tuning

Vidyut helps to identify and resolve bottlenecks in existing database processes in updates and queries. We implement architectural features that are transparent to applications but improve overall performance, identify & resolve resource contention issues and tune query performance to assure optimal turnaround. We also help migrate production databases running on heterogeneous environments into OLAP database.