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Gaming & Betting

Gaming Solutions

Vidyut provides seamless online gaming experience via multiple platforms such as web, mobile & touch screen kiosks. We have developed web based casino games for our European clients and have expertise in providing online gaming solutions. We have been involved in development of the following games.

  • Star dice
  • Sicbo
  • Roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Video Poker

Our key customizable modules cover the following areas:

  • Generation Of Random Dice / Card Value
  • Animation For Front End Gaming Interface
  • Sprite Concept For Animation
  • Stake Option
  • Winning
  • Accounts Management
  • Online Payment Integration

The games could be integrated with any payment gateway for online payments.

Betting Solutions

Advanced technology deployment to provide multi-channel, user-friendly, scalable, betting solution with sophisticated functionality and high speed query processing is our specialty. We have expertise in developing applications for online betting and sports book using the web service available from a major betting exchange in Europe.

Key Modules:

  • Partner, Punter Settings
  • Account Management
  • Margin Management
  • Sports Book Risk & Liability Accumulator
  • Combination Betting
  • Odds Overriding

Case Study

Online gaming solution that provides ultimate player experience for a leading UK based casino.


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