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Rebar Estimation

Vidyut understands the need to create accurate and reliable estimates for bidding. With a higher estimate, clients can lose the bid while with lesser estimate they can lose money in the execution of the contract. Therefore, our estimation team takes every care to give out precise estimates. We use specialized software to arrive at estimates.

We provide estimation services for Rebar quantities and tonnage, including accessories for the following type of projects .

  • Power Plant Structures and Industrial Structures
  • Recreation Centers and Parking Structures
  • Institutional Buildings and High rise Buildings
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Condominiums and Entertainment Parks
  • Sports and Health Clubs (SPA)
  • Renovation and Addition for Existing buildings
  • Residential Buildings and Hospitals
  • Reservoirs and Irrigation Structures
  • Multiplex
  • Bio-medical Research Centers
  • Bridges & Flyovers
  • Star Hotels and Art Galleries

Estimations Process

  • Estimation Number
  • Structural Activity Codes (SAC)
  • Part Codes (Rebar, wire mesh and Accessories)
  • Grade of Steel (ASTM A615, A706 etc.)
  • Bid Item Number (Scope wise, Structure wise)
  • Take-off Measurements
  • Contract Drawing number
  • Addendums
  • Reference Sections
  • Locations (Gridline References)

Estimation Standards

We have expertise in the following standards to be used according to client requests;

  • Construction standards
    • ACI ( American Concrete Institute)
    • CSRI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • Estimation Standards
    • American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) E1557UNIFORMAT II
  • Rebar Standards
    • ASTM A615 Grade 40
    • ASTM A615 Grade 60
    • ASTM A706 Grade 60 (Low Alloy Steel)
    • ASTM A185 (Welded Wire Fabric)
    • ASTM A955 (Stainless steel bars)
    • ASTM A970 (Welded And Forged Headed Bars)

Delivery Standards

By consistently delivering high quality, accurate estimation, we easily address the entire scope of any kind of project. In addition, our capability and skills allow us to meet rigid targets without difficulty and turn around large projects promptly. We deliver project on-time, every time. We have outsized estimation services team with managers and checkers.